Welcome to Hulk Alerts! My name is Greg, I am the owner of this website. Let me tell you a little about myself and what Hulk Alerts is all about. I have been trading Penny Stocks for 14 years now and I have become very successful in the strategies I have been using. Many of you know the stock FNMA that went supernova last year, well I personally made over $900,000 on it- loaded it at .85c and sold over $4.00. I had about four of those in 2013! I know there is limited information out there on trading and learning about Penny Stocks and most people think it’s a scam, but in reality they’re extremely profitable when you apply the right strategies.

I started this website to help others profit on supernova runners like FNMA. Once you subscribe (which is completely free) you will be receiving my watch lists every weekend and my stock alerts couple times a month which tend to run anywhere from 75%-500% which is extremely profitable. Ever since i started this website, over 180 of our new subscribers have reached $12,000 in the first two months of buying my picks. Feel free to check out my track record and remember this service is completely FREE! So take advantage of it while it lasts.

~ Greg